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They Grow Up Fast!

Mbisi, Kiketi, Muendo, Mutie, Gideon, Ndanu, Irene, Mbithe, Esther

Believe it or not, this group is off to High School! The top photo was taken in 2012 and the bottom photo in 2020. While many of these precious children came to the home between the ages of 7-9, two brothers, Mbisi and Gideon Victorian were admitted to the home at the very young ages of 3 and 4, respectively. Now this group of 15 and 16 year olds is off to experience life outside the home and the world of Secondary Education. As one sponsor put it so well, "What a wonderful testament to their care and growth at Mukaa Children's Home.. It's a winner and these kids are, too!"

An education in Africa is not free and to be able to attend Secondary Education - be it High School, Trade School, and certainly college, is a gift not many Kenyans are afforded. Actually, less than 50 percent of primary school students continue on to secondary school. Sustained Acts is committed to providing every child in our care with an education, thereby building a strong foundation for a successful future. If Secondary School is not for them, we enroll them in a vocational school where they can learn a trade.

While our monthly child sponsor fees cover the costs of education through primary school (up to 8th grade), secondary school (9th – 12th grade), trade school, and college carry significant expenses not covered by the monthly sponsorship fees. In fact, as we seek to continue the practice of ensuring an education for every child at the home, our expenses have risen to a total of $35,000/year. We now must fund raise that amount in order to make this incredible benefit a reality for these children.

How can you help?

You can help by donating to our Education fund. For example, a gift of $25 will pay for textbooks or supplies for a student in trade school. $60 pays for a month of High School - make it a monthly gift and cover a student’s full tuition. $500 will cover a class in trade school and $1,000 provides for a child to go to college for a full semester.

To donate to the Sustained Acts Education fund, Go to our DONATE page and click on the Educational Fund tab. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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