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So much has happened at the Mukaa Children's Home since the beginning of 2021.

• Restrictions due to Covid-19 were eased and schools reopened. Unfortunately, schools had to close again except for those grades now taking national exams.

• Electricity and water supplies at the home were cut off for several days but then restored after necessary repairs were made by Kenya Power and Light.

• Six new children were accepted into the home due to tragic circumstances in their lives. We welcome Emily, Josephat, Anastacia, Duncan, Daniel, and Jacinta. They are adjusting well and finding Mukaa to be a safe haven. Thankfully, we now have sponsors for 3 of the new children; however, Duncan, Daniel, and Jacinta are still in need of sponsorship. To learn more about each of these children, click this link:

• The new dorm cabinets have been built and are providing a much more organized way to house each child's clothing and belongings. The dorm moms and the children are very pleased with the result.

• There are 2 new Mukaa staff members at the home. Leah Nthenya was hired as the new dorm mom, and Andrew Mutuku is the new grounds keeper to help with the gardens, greenhouses and animals.

• Easter was celebrated and many of the children were able to see relatives while on this break.

• Then, of course, the heavy rains came and caused the retaining wall to collapse along the walkway near the dining hall and library, as well as causing damage to another retaining wall along the outside of the home near the street. The cleanup has begun and decisions are still in process as how to best make repairs. We are so thankful there have been no injuries due to this difficult circumstance. (We are still hoping to begin work on some of the capital improvements to the dining hall and kitchen that were noted in our Christmas fundraiser, but the wall is now the priority.) Through it all, the manager of the home, Amos Njagi, has been faithfully working each day with patient endurance and gratitude. He has a thankful heart for all the Mukaa sponsors and sends this special greeting to you.

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