Mukaa Children's Home

Creating a better tomorrow for the abandoned and orphaned children of Kenya.

About the Home

Mukaa Children's Home is located 2 hours south of Nairobi - just off the Mombassa Highway and into the hills of Makueni County. The home itself is on the side of a hill just up from the prestigious Mukaa Boys School. The home is as colorful as the beautiful people that occupy its premises.  When you pull into the home, you will see the office block, then the girls dorm.  Follow the stone path and you will reach the Dining Hall, the Kitchen and the Library.  Up the stairs you will find the Boy's Dorm, the Manager's House and the Assistant Managers quarters, as well as guest housing.

The soil is red and the flowering bushes and trees make home for these children absolutely beautiful.  These days you will see corn not only in the garden but dotting the hills.  We have great plans for an orchard of fruit trees to further supplement the children's diets.  In 2013 a borehole was drilled and the home has enjoyed clean water. 

Mukaa is very invested in the community around them from the clinic to the local church and primary school.  The way they see it, if the children of Mukaa Children's Home are going to be successful, the community around them must also be strengthened.  

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Meet The Staff

God has blessed Mukaa Children's Home with an INCREDIBLE staff!  These 4 men and 4 women are selfless as they serve these vulnerable children 24/7.  They not only attend to the basic needs of the children they feed them a steady diet of God's LOVE, HOPE, and GRACE and prepare them for a life with Christ. 

Home Manager

 Pastor Amos Njagi

Girls Dorm Mother

 Elizabeth Nduku

Social Worker

 Tabitha Nzioka

Boy's Dorm Mother

 Beth Kamolo


Sam Mutua

Boy's Dorm Mother

 Janet Njagi

Security Officer

Johnston Musau

Girl's Dorm Mother

 Everlyn Muisyo

How You Can Help...


Since 2009, Sustained Acts has been partnering with the leadership of the AIC Mukaa Children’s Home, to sponsor orphaned and at risk children as well as to provide funding for other needs at the home. 100% of the monies received are wired directly to the Children's Home.


For $45.00 a month you can provide one of these orphaned children:

  • 3 meals a day

  • a safe place to sleep

  • primary education

  • clothing & school supplies

  • medical attention

  • social & emotional care

  • spiritual guidance.

As you can see, the Home ministers to the whole child - his or her physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. 

Click here to see Children who need Sponsors.


After 8th grade (Form 8 in Kenya), children leave the home for boarding school. The average cost of High School and College for one year is approximately $650. We currently have 20 children in grades 9-12 and 24 children either in college or trade school. Educational fees have grown to over $28,000/year and remain one of our greatest needs.  Would you consider making a monthly, quarterly or annual gift to our Educational Fund?  Any gift amount would be greatly appreciated.  The Gift of Education can change a life and an entire family in Africa! 


As you might imagine, running a household of 112 children and 8 staff members has its challenges. Just as with your home, our home needs to be maintained, including things like painting, updating electrical systems, and rebuilding structures that are failing.  


We are also constantly looking for ways to create sustainable projects that will serve to benefit the children long term. Things like the bore hole for clean water, egg producing chickens that provide daily protein for the children, and the planting of a garden for fresh vegetables.  Below is a list of our top priorities for 2019 and beyond.  

  • Paint and provide required maintenance for the home's existing buildings

  • Purchase perimeter fence for bore hole and solar panels

  • Renovate the Manager and former Assistant Managers houses

  • Build suitable staff housing to attract and retain our incredible staff

  • Build new guest housing to accommodate sponsors and other visitors


Thank you!





Developing Sustainable

    Projects for those in need.