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Sustained Acts is committed to providing every child in our care with an education, so they receive a strong foundation for a successful future. After 9th grade, children leave the home for Secondary School. The average cost/year of Secondary School is $700. From there, based on test scores, they may qualify to attend a College or University. Those who do not qualify for Secondary School or College, are eligible to attend Polytechnical school to learn a trade. The average cost per year of Trade School is $1,000, while the average cost of attending University is $2,000. We currently have 35 children in Secondary School, 14 in Trade School, 10 in College/University, and another 2 waiting to join College/University. Educational fees have grown to over $35,000/year and remain one of our greatest needs.


Would you consider making a monthly, quarterly or annual gift to our Educational Fund?  Any gift amount would be greatly appreciated.  The Gift of Education not only has the potential to change a life, but it can also change an entire family! 

education fund
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