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A Beautiful Week at the Mukaa Childrens Home

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

My sister Tara and I had the great privilege of visiting the Mukaa Children's Home in September. We had a busy 5 days and want to share what we observed and what we did with our Mukaa Family.


The Girls Latrine: There has been much progress on the girls latrine. The foundation has been set, the walls are going up and the critical biodigester is in place. Soon the flush toilets (a first) will be installed. The only bucket list item missing from the girls washroom/ bathroom would be solar hot water heaters. Maybe one of these days!!!

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Project: The home received the greenhouse as a gift from the Makueni County Government. It is now firmly in place and the tomato plants are showing signs of growth. The next crop will include spinach, kale, and peppers.

Momma and Albanus hard at work.

The Boy's Wash Basin has been completed and is in use. It is strategically placed just outside the boys dormitory and right next to the boys clothes lines. Momma Beth and Albanus are spotted here finishing up laundry for the day.

The Old Kitchen has been converted into new space for the girls dorm: This space, which is adjacent to the girls dormitory, will be great new space for the older girls at Mukaa. When everyone is home from Secondary Schools and College, the girls dormitory can become quite crowded. This new space will allow the girls to spread their wings. After adding two new windows, all this space needs is a fresh coat of paint. Pastor Njagi hopes to be able to paint the entire home sometime this year should funds allow.


Tara and Felista doing well checkups

Well Checkups: 81 of the 120 children at the home were given well checkups. My sister Tara, a registered nurse, measured each child's height, weight, eyesight, blood pressure and shoe sizes. It took an entire day to finish but the home now has a baseline from which to use for future well visits.

Time to Play: While Tara and Felista were doing well check ups, I got to spend time with the kids. We played kickball, cards, threw the frisbee, and took lots of photos and videos. Here is one of the videos you might enjoy.

Mary getting some good practice in CPR

CPR & First Aid Training: 9 of the 10 staff members were certified in CPR and First Aid during our visit. The staff members spent 4 hours in training on Monday while the children were at school. I'm happy to report that they all passed the training with flying colors.

Sunday Fun: We organized an afternoon of Vacation Bible School around the theme - "He Knows Your Name". Our scripture lesson focused on Psalm 139 and John 10:3;14. The children made beaded necklaces with their names and they learned a new song by Tommy Walker called "He Knows My Name". Great fun was had by all!

Shoe FUN!!!

Shoes and more shoes: 41 pairs of shoes were purchased and distributed to the children. What great fun it was to see their sweet happy faces when they received a new pair of shoes.

A visit to the Mukaa Primary School: It is always a treat to take the short walk from the home to the Mukaa Primary School. We visited two classes and were treated to an all school assembly to welcome us. We were blown away by all the love.

Most of the children leave for school at 6:30am and the older children (grades 4 - 8) don't arrive home until 6:00pm at night. These same children also attend school on Saturdays until noon. Between school and chores, there isn't a lot of time for playing but the children don't seem to mind. They LOVE school.

Interviews: I had the great privilege of interviewing two of Mukaa's children currently in college - Felista Kingoo and Freddrick M Khymanthi as well as Mukaa's amazing Director Amos Njagi and Assistant Director Mary Katumbi. You can click on the links below to view those interviews on YouTube.

Felista Kingoo:

Freddrick Khymanthi:

Mary Katumbi:

Amos Njagi:

Tara and Muoka

A Meeting of Hearts: Lastly, but certainly not least, my sister Tara got to meet Muoka, the child she has been loving and praying for over the last two years. It is a memory she will cherish for a lifetime, as will he. I also got to spend time with our children - what a gift! I hope every sponsor gets the chance to meet his/her sponsored child. Pastor Njagi and his wonderful staff welcome your visit. I can tell you that it changes everyone involved - the sponsor and the child.

My sweet family!

There are currently 5 children in need of sponsors. Click here to meet these children and learn about their stories. To learn more about the home in general, go to

Thanks for listening and for your interest in The Mukaa Children's Home. We can't thank you enough for your love and support.

Calling All Sponsors - KARIBU!!!

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