Friends of Kijabe Hospital Sponsorship Levels

The A.I.C. Hospital in Kijabe has set up a "Friends of Kijabe Hospital" association, allowing individuals and groups to offer direct sponsorship at varying levels.

Read more about the hospital in their January 2010 newsletter.

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the operating Board and staff of Kijabe hospital, it’s with much gratitude that I acknowledge your continued support for the work of AIC Kijabe Hospital.

The hospital is in a process of forming an association of “Friends of Kijabe Hospital” in order to supplement the resources gap in its work and remain affordable to poorer sections of society.  On 12th of January the Vice President visited our facility and volunteered to be the patron of “friends of Kijabe association”. The hospital management is approaching its friends to join the group.  The association will be launched on 26th march 2010 at Kijabe hospital.

Also find attached categories of membership. We have classified the corporate sponsorship into four categories:
  • Platinum sponsor: Sh.1 million
  • Gold sponsor: Sh.500,000 
  • Silver sponsor: Sh.300,000
  • Bronze sponsor: Sh.50,000

We have also classified the individual sponsorship into five categories:
  • Platinum sponsor: Sh.500,000
  • Gold sponsor: Sh.300, 000
  • Silver sponsor: Sh.100,000
  • Diamond sponsor: sh.20,000
  • Bronze sponsor: Sh.5,000
  • Member: Sh.1,000 

Therefore we are requesting partners and friends to join us in this noble venture. Please find attached document for an overview of some of details, but incase of more queries, kindly do not hesitate to call us on the numbers and contacts below.

Thank you and God bless you. We are looking forward to  a wonderful partnership with you.




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