Project Area: Sustainable Green Technology

There was strong support from schools and others to pursue programs to teach how to construct low-tech windmills for power generation and a potential locally based teacher was identified. We are currently working on securing the teaching materials and initial supplies. We are also seeking donations or low cost supply of more sophisticated windmill technology for various non-profit organizations.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Jeff Saunders, an electrical engineer who manages the AIC Kijabe Motel ( related that power costs have risen dramatically in the last year and that the Boys School as well as the Orphanage(s) would significantly benefit if they could retrofit more energy efficient lighting. He has done this with the hotel and the payback is consistently less than one year. Sustained Acts would like to create a low interest loan program that would provide the initial capital for these projects and would be paid back over a period 2X the calculated energy saving payback period. In this manner, they would immediately enjoy some of the savings while providing them a long-term goal as well.

Water Pumps
Rotary International has a matching grant program to install manually operated water pumps (built like a merry-go-round that school kids can play on while pumping water). It is necessary to find a local Rotary that will help match the grants.

Cow Project
This was the project that was the inspiration for Sustained Acts. Both the Boys School and the Orphanage in Maai Mahiu have purchased 4 cows (the Boys School has now purchased an additional 4 cows). Both have doubled in population from their original herds through the birthing of new calves. Most importantly, the Boys School is using this as an opportunity to reach out to the neighboring community. They didn’t buy just any cows, they bought some of the best milking cows in Kenya and are using artificial insemination (from the US and EU) to continually upgrade their stock. They have also brought in a US trained veterinarian to oversee the care of the cows. The goal is to eventually have 50 cows, with the surplus being sold to the local community, raising the quality of breeding stock throughout the Kijabe area. There are also plans underway to use the manure for methane gas production, and the bulls will be raised on the school grounds to eventually be used for meat for the boys.

Click here to see a video of the cows!


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