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Our focus is with the AIC Kijabe Hospital ( This is a 220 bed hospital that treats over 100,000 out-patients and 15,000 in-patients per year. All on a budget of about $3.5MM! Sustained Acts is working with the Executive Director, the Medical Director, and the Medical Education Director of the hospital to better understand their needs and priorities and how the projects we were proposing best fit into their strategic plans.

Hospital Partnerships
There are a number of potential benefits in creating a partnership program between the Kijabe Hospital and a major hospital system. The key will be in identifying what the hospital wants and needs out of these partnerships and how this will best fit the wants and needs of the partnering hospitals. Exploratory discussions have been initiated with one major USA hospital system.

Medical Equipment and Supply Donations
A range of supplies (pulse oximeters, sutures and defibrillators) have been received and sent to the Kijabe Hospital. An updated list of equipment needs provided by the hospital is attached.

Sustained Acts acts as the receiving party for these supplies and organizes their shipment to the hospital in Kenya.

Grant Writing
This is a significant need because it will help to provide the hospital significant outside funding from organizations in the EU and USA. We are looking for individuals and organizations that can help to write and train others to write these grants.

Kenya Trauma Institute
One of the major problems throughout Africa is the deep and profound effects that violence has had on the general population. Without question, one of the major needs identified by Kenyans we have worked with is the need for effective trauma training for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A southeastern Pennsylvania non-profit, Lakeside Educational Network ( has created some of the leading programs in this area. We are partnering with Lakeside to adapt their training materials for use in Kenya and to educate Kenyan trainers. We have identified the chaplains at the hospital as being the initial focus for this program. In addition, missionaries and social workers in elsewhere in Kenya can also be used to expand this training.

Clinical Trial Program
We are working with a number of different organizations to determine if it is possible to establish the Kijabe Hospital as an ongoing site for conducting clinical trials. The key will be to clarify how this will create long term improvement in care benefits to the staff and to outline a step-by-step program for implementation. The benefits, if successfully done, would be very significant and could help provide a wide range of long-term benefits to both patients and the hospital.

Medical Clinics
The hospital is very interested in expanding their medical clinics into additional communities, partly to help with the severe overcrowding at the hospital in Kijabe. I have committed to helping to create a partnership between the CareNow Foundation ( and the Medical Director to assist in this effort.


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