Project Area: Finance

Micro-loan program
Based upon the successful Grameen Bank model and the pioneering work done by Opportunity Finance (, we wanted to establish micro-loan programs in areas such as the Lunga Lunga slums of Nairobi. We have established some the basic principles of how this would work with local leadership. Initial capitalization for each bank / project will be only $500. The focus is on establishing a local board to oversee operations, recruit and appoint managers, establish rules and procedures (including security precautions), and then make our first loans.

Kenyan Crafts
The project to help support Kenyan craftspersons is one of our Finance Projects because it is designed to provide local Kijabe, Kenyan craftspersons an alternative sales outlet for their wares. By selling their Kenyan designed and produced crafts directly through Impact Thrift Stores (, Sustained Acts is helping to expand their opportunity to generate income and support their families. Impact Thrift Stores has pledged 100% of the profits from these sales to be returned to Kenya, of that most will be paid directly to the craftspersons who made these crafts with the rest being used to support local Kijabe ministries/projects. The crafts persons are receiving 75% of the funds and 25% is being designated for local projects in Kijabe, Kijabe Town and with the A.I.C. Maai Mahiu Childrens Home (an orphanage in Maai Mahiu).

Two organizations (the Kijabe Hospital and the Children’s Orphanages), requested Sustained Acts assistance in accepting charitable donations in the USA, that could be used to support their work in Kenya. We are working with these organizations to assist their work.


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2 Corinthians 9:12,15

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